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SportsOptions will pay you CASH for every new subscriber you refer - up to 150% of the customer's first month subscription. And you don't have to wait for your money - SportsOptions credits you after just one month of service. This incredible offer is available to everybody - not just SportsOptions customers. Just fill out the short form below and you will receive your unique tracking code. Give that code to your friends, colleagues and just about anybody else and you will be on your way to easy money!
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Refer a Friend program details.
The SportsOptions Refer-a-Friend program is designed so you can earn money for referring new customers to SportsOptions. The program is simple, just get your referral code and start giving it out to anybody that you think could use the SportsOptions Odds service. We have designed the program to be as simple as possible, with just a few restrictions:

1. Referral fees apply to new accounts.
2. Only one account per individual, household or business is eligible for referral.
3. Referral fees are paid once and are not recurring.
4. Referral fees will be paid within 30 days after one full month of paid service by referred.
5. Charge-backs, refunds or other non-payments of accounts will be deducted from future referral fees. Referral fees are based on the first month of paid service by the referred account. (Free-trial accounts do not qualify as paid service.) Referral fee schedule:

  • 0 - 10 referrals: 75% of the first month of paid service for each account
  • 11 - 20 referrals: 100% of the first month of paid service for each account
  • 20+ referrals: 150% of the first month of paid service for each account

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